These days, when we ask ourselves “ how and where may i invest my money? ” A wide range of possibilities opens up by which to make profitable our cost savings. Among those possibilities are provides, stocks, real estate, investment money, currencies etc .

According to the objectives we have since investors, the most appropriate response to exactly how and where to invest the money will be one or another. But there is a new way of investment where you can make success to our money that chances are many will already know. This really is Crowdlending. In this post we want to describe in more detail how plus where to invest money by means of our platform, Good Financing.

How to make investments money in Good Finance?

How to invest money in Good Finance?

In order to start profiting the savings through Good Financing it is only necessary to possess a small amount of money (from € 50) and a few minutes to join up as an investor and start purchasing business projects that demand financing.

When you have decided how much you want to spend and what interest you are going to survey, you can click on the ‘invest’ key. Then you will see a tab with all the details of the investment with the bottom two conditions that you need to accept before your purchase becomes effective. The first package to be marked appears upon those investors who are not really accredited and therefore cannot make investments more than 10, 000 in most platforms during the last year.  

This demand will appear on your investor section in the ‘investment requests’ area, indicating in a green package that your operation was effective. Likewise, if you have more than one energetic operation, in that section you will notice the summary of all these loans in which you have spent.

Where are you able to invest money in Good Financial?

Where can you invest money in Good Finance?

Crowdlending encompasses a large number of different investor profiles, considering that one of the characteristics of this brand new investment method is its versatility and variety in its provide of financial products. The systems responsible for managing Crowdlending, like Good Finance, offer within their marketplaces various operations that will request to be funded with various purposes, terms, interests plus amortization methods, adapted towards the preference of each investor as well as the needs of each company. Where you can invest money will depend on the reason or purpose you have along with your investments.

Through Good Finance we finance very diverse business tasks. Until now, loan applications made by businesses that have come to our system are usually focused on:

  • Business expansion tasks
  • Acquisition of procedures or supplies
  • Need for working capital
  • Payment to providers
  • Business growth

Consequently , investment and working funds needs are covered, to be able to accommodate all the financing requirements of companies.

Where can I invest based on my profile as an trader?

Where can I invest according to my profile as an investor?

Where you can invest cash according to the loan term

If you want to invest some money that you will not have the necessity to have it in a long term, you might be more interested in those loans using a term of between two and 3 years whose monthly obligations are received in the case of financial loans with amortization periodic.

If on the contrary you like not to have part of your cash too much time invested, short-term financial loans that can range from 1 month to at least one year are also published on the market of our platform. In these financial loans it is more common to find financial loans a few months to maturity, hence receiving the capital invested plus interest on the agreed time.

Where you can make investments money according to your danger aversion

Where you can invest money according to your risk aversion

For those a lot more conservative investors who wish to spend their money safely through Good Finance, we offer financial loans backed by SGR, that are financial entities whose goal is to facilitate access to credit score mainly to SMEs with the provision of guarantees. On the other hand, those who want to earn a higher return on their investments and therefore are willing to take a greater danger also have loans to choose from.

The way to choose financial loans based on their risk aversion is based on the rating provided by Good Finance after the earlier study conducted to the business. Based on his economic wellness, Good Finance grants your pet a rating that will go from A +, being the particular safest rating, to Farrenheit being the minimum ranking that the company has to acquire in order to publish his application for the loan, therefore it is the one that It generally offers greater profitability.